Board of Directors

Edward Henderson

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Edward Henderson serves as Chief of Montreal Lake Cree Nation and is a resident of Little Red River Reserve. Chief Henderson has a long and distinguished career including former Vice Chief of Prince Albert Grand Council (PAGC), past Special Political and Policy Advisor to PAGC and past Band Councillor of Montreal Lake Cree Nation. Chief Henderson has served as a Director on many profit and non profit corporate boards, currently serving as a Director for Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority (SIGA), Prince Albert Development Corporation Management Board as well as Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies. Chief Henderson also serves on PAGC Executive as well as the PAGC Women’s Commission.

Dirk McDonald

Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors

Mr. McDonald serves as Vice Chief and Councillor of Montreal Lake Cree Nation. Mr. McDonald is a member of the Montreal Lake Cree Nation and has lived in the region all of his life, beginning at the ancient village of Molanosa. Mr. McDonald has held a variety of portfolios including Economic Development, Public Works and Education. Mr. McDonald has an extensive forestry background through a 16-year career with Nelson Silviculture and Woodland Cree Forestry. Mr. McDonald has also worked as Manager of Bittern Lake Heavy Equipment and as a commercial fisherman.

Mr. McDonald has served his Cree Nation for many years as a volunteer hockey, soccer and basketball coach.

Noland Henderson


Noland Henderson has served the Montreal Lake Cree Nation in a variety of positions over the last 30 years. Mr. Henderson has served as Chief of the Montreal Lake Cree Nation and served on many Boards and Commissions including the SaskTel board; Aboriginal Policing Advisory Unit for Saskatchewan; The Saskatchewan Police Commission; First Nations Trust; and the Northern Teacher Education Program Board of Governors.

Mr. Henderson has a Bachelor of Education Degree and has worked in a variety of careers including a RCMP posting; School Principal; Teacher; and the Director of Resources and Environment for Montreal Lake Cree Nation.

Steven Ross


Steven Ross is a member and elder of the Montreal Lake Cree Nation. Mr. Ross began his work career with a three year stint in the Canadian Army having served on peace keeping duties in Cyprus.

After his military term was completed, he worked in a variety of labour positions in the northern Saskatchewan region including one winter as a logger under contract to the PA Pulp Mill.

Mr. Ross served his First Nation as Band Manager for over 20 years and served many years in Council . Mr. Ross has an Associate degree in Arts (Administration).

Mr. Ross has an entrepreneurial spirit having owned and operated his own highway truck under contract for Siemens Transport for approximately three years hauling throughout the prairie provinces and to the Key Lake mine in northern Saskatchewan. He currently owns and operates a property management company in Prince Albert.

 Jason Ballantyne


Jason grew up in Montreal Lake Cree Nation and has lived there all his life. His family background consists of a traditional lifestyle as well as forestry. Jason went to school in Montreal Lake Cree Nation. He has worked in various positions during his professional career. Jason has served on Council for a total of 15 years, including the first 3 years as Vice Chief. Currently, he is doing some forestry contracts with various companies. Jason has grown into one of the most respected and valued members of the Montreal Lake Cree Nation.

Ted de Jong


Ted de Jong is the CEO of the Prince Albert Development Corporation (PADC). PADC is a First Nations Investment Corporation with investments in hotels, aviation, mining services and commercial real estate. Mr. de Jong has worked with First Nations in the area of economic development for over twenty (20) years. Throughout his career as a Business Consultant, Economic Development Advisor, Business Manager and CEO, Mr. de Jong has assisted in the start-up, expansion and management of numerous First Nation businesses in Saskatchewan. Mr. de Jong has also served on the Board of Directors of numerous First Nation business corporations and served as a technical advisor on community economic development issues to the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations (FSIN), Touchwood File Hills Qu’Appelle Tribal Council (TFHQ), Prince Albert Grand Council (PAGC) and the Saskatchewan Northern Development Board.

Borden Wasyluk


Borden Wasyluk retired from the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC) in 2004 after 38 years. During this lengthy career, he worked his way up and became the head of Aboriginal Banking for CIBC in Saskatchewan for the last 8 years of his tenure. He set up the CIBC branch on the Lac La Ronge Cree Nation and in 2002, set up the Cowessess Branch. Mr. Wasyluk presently sits on the Board of Directors of the Sturgeon Lake Development Corporation and on the Store Management Committee at Sturgeon Lake. He is past Councillor and Mayor of the resort village of Candle Lake.

Frank Roberts


Frank Roberts is a member of the Montreal Lake Cree Nation and has lived there all his life. Frank was taught at an early age to respect and live off the land. He is fluent in both the Cree and English languages. Frank has previous experience as a Councillor and has served three terms. He was recently elected for his fourth term as Councillor of Montreal Lake Cree Nation and holds the portfolios of Economic Development; Lands and Resources; Housing; Community Infrastructure; and Public Works/Heavy Equipment. Frank looks forward to serving on the Board of Directors for Montreal Lake Business Ventures.

Jamie Halkett


Jamie graduated with his grade 12 certificate from Carleton High School in Prince Albert. He then went on and received his apprenticeship in carpentry at the Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology. Jamie has been working in carpentry for the last 10 years. He was recently elected as a Councillor and is serving his first term. His portfolios include Social; Administration; Housing; Economic Development; Justice; Emergency Assistance Program; and Infrastructure. Jamie also serves as a Director on the Board for Woodland Cree.