Kaskew Forestry Products

Established in April 2011, Kaskew Forestry Products LP is owned by Montreal Lake Business Ventures LP, the Business arm of Montreal Lake Cree Nation. Kaskew manages and operates a wood allocation in our vast traditional territory in Northern Saskatchewan within the Prince Albert Forest Management Agreement (PAFMA) area including harvesting and supplying wood fibre to mills in Saskatchewan. We have an annual wood fiber allocation of 200,000 m3 of softwood and 40,000 m3 of hardwood in our operating zone within the PAFMA.

Prince Albert Forest Management Agreement (FMA)

The Prince Albert Forest Management Agreement (FMA) is approximately 3.3 million hectares in area, and is located in north central Saskatchewan, just north of Prince Albert.

2.6 million ha of this area contains boreal forest of mixed wood or softwood dominated stands. Common tree species include trembling aspen, pine, spruce, balsam fir, poplar and birch. Timber harvesting is expected to be possible on 1.6 million hectares or 58% of the forested area.

Montreal Lake Business Ventures

Montreal Lake Business Ventures LP (MLBV) was formed in 2010 to act as the business arm of Montreal Lake Cree Nation as well as to separate its political functions from its business activities. MLBV is controlled by a professional Board of Directors that are independent of Montreal Lake Cree Nation and are governed through criteria developed to insure Business success.

Website: montreallakebusinessventures.com

Montreal Lake Cree Nation (MLCN) - Shareholders

As Shareholders of Kaskew Forestry Products, Montreal Lake Cree Nation Members provide the following benefits:

  • Training opportunities (ie. Truck driver training, heavy equipment operators)
  • Assist in providing new jobs in the forestry industry (i.e., harvesting, tree planting, forest technicians, truck driving for logging)
  • Create wealth for re-investment in other sectors as well as distributing dividends to MLCN

Website: www.mlcn.ca

Company Structure — Overview

Sakâw Askiy Management Inc.

Sakâw Askiy is from the Cree, meaning 'forest land'. Sakaw Askiy Management Inc. holds an agreement with the province of Saskatchewan to manage the PAFMA area and is comprised of a unique partnership of six forest companies with Saskatchewan operations all with allocations from the Prince Albert Forest Management Agreement (FMA) area. The entity was formed with the intention of assuming the FMA and management responsibility for the area, through an assignment agreement. Sakâw partners include:

  • A.C. Forestry Ltd. (Agency Chiefs Tribal Council)
  • Carrier Forest Products Ltd.
  • Edgewood Forest Products Inc.
  • L&M Forest Products Limited Partnership
  • Meadow Lake Mechanical Pulp Inc.
  • Meadow Lake OSB Limited Partnership (operated by majority partner Tolko Industries)
  • Montreal Lake Business Ventures Ltd. (Montreal Lake Cree Nation )
  • Norsask P.A. Forestry Inc. (NorSask Forest Products)

Website www.sakaw.ca

Carrier Forest Products LTD (Associated Company)

Montreal Lake Business Ventures works under a wood supply agreement with Carrier Forest Products. This company also provides services such as planning to the Montreal Lake Business Ventures Ltd. Carrier

Website: www.carrierlumber.bc.ca/operations/mills-operations